Resources / Counseling

Counseling Resources:

Here at Harvest, we value solid biblical counseling as a good step toward mind, body, and spirit wholeness. We believe Jesus is in it all and heals it all, but sometimes it takes an outside (not from our church) trained and caring voice to help unpack and uncover those areas that Jesus is needed.

At Harvest, we offer Pastoral care, and our pastor can sit down with individuals and offer pastoral guidance as needed, but they are not trained mental health professionals. So below is a list of qualified and licensed mental health professionals who value Jesus, His word, and you.

Counselors in Lacey, offered through Tacoma Christian Counseling, CLICK HERE

Other Counselors within an hour drive of Shelton or have virtual options:

Matina Hawkins LCSW – 

Danielle Christianson, LMHC
Puyallup, WA

Kristina Durene
Puyallup, WA
(253) 270-0920

Matthew Antolick, LMHC
Puyallup, WA
(253) 238-0739

Nik Conroy, MA, LMHCA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate


Theological Resources:

 Women-in-Leadership-Ministry.  CLICK HERE FOR PDF

This book provides a great overview and theological study into the conversation of biblical support for women in ministry leadership.

The Center for Faith and Sexuality

This website offers resources within the conversation of sex, sexuality, and gender.  These conversations and resources come from a great place and heart with a strong theological stance, as they are designed to challenge our thinking and presuppositions. They come from different church backgrounds, but all with the same historical thoughts about sexuality and its expression through man and wife in a marriage context.

Discipleship Resources:

Center for Parent Youth Understanding

This website offers great resources for parents or anyone who wants to better understand and disciple our next generation.